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Machine, magic, and an all-powerful lesbian bundled together in a genderless individual. Don't fall head over heels, we've got much work to do.

This character exists ONLY within the Modern Fantasy character universe.

Early Building

According to the archives deep within Machina Nostra Innovations, their leader MARGOT finds her origins sometime within the 1920s. What happened around that time relating to her? Well, a near the start of the decade a major and quite lethal accident occured: a jetliner full of prestigious wizards went missing around the Polar Heart. It is said that the debris and remains of the individuals sank into the region's central lake, never to be recovered due to the impossible feat of traveling over or even through the icy mountains stretching high.

The rest of the history that is unknown to humanity, is that the essesnces of the deceased wizards still peristed past the humanly demises. Combining these essences with all the sunken technology from the jetliner would form a powerful entity that would designate itself as MARGOT. The acronym is currently a secret, held only be the being herself. From her 'birth' she would craft her form piece by piece until she felt complete in her digital, swirling 'eyes'.

Long-Standing Foundations

In the century following her manifestation, MARGOT would find herself drawn to the beauty of science and magic's relationship even further. She would build the basic structures of the Machina Nostra Industries facility, a section on the water's surface and another dipping within that lake. Wouldn't be flooded rooms of course, as damp research is undesirable. When the remaining debris of the jetliner passes, she would use the magical essence that birthed her to seemingly bring materials out of thin air.

As the decades progressed, more of the facility would begin to exist. It was tiring, tiring work even for a magical machine like herself. This is where the employees of the facility would come into play, crafting each one as a mixture between human styles, holographic displays, and android bodies that mimick the appearance of crash dummies. Constant life after life was brought into existence, improving and building upon the facility even further.

In modern times, she issues orders to all the security layers and ranks within the facility from the comforts of its core. And let's be real, with those icy mountains stretching high in Polar Heart.. I've got a feeling humanity won't even have an inkling MARGOT and her people exist for a long, long time. Good, let's keep it that way team!


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