The Wiki Creator

My name is Chel Spaniel and I'm an artist, writer, game developer, and music maker.

I'm 26, go by she/her pronouns, and identify myself as a transfem gay individual.

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About the Opossum Valley Wiki

This wiki is the site for documentations of my characters, the locations of their worlds, story events, concepts, and so forth.

You can use the buttons at the top of the page to begin exploring categories relating to my works. Be advised there may be NSFW content mentioned, along with heavy story themes.

Lastly, my work is intended for 18+, adult-only audiences. Minors must leave this site immediately.

If you are looking for my webcomic ..Just Another Day! then you can find it by clicking this text.

Update: June 16, 2024

Once again, work has slowly resumed upon updating this wiki. As of writing, the event section should be fully up-to-date in terms of my short stories. I will have to look over the two games I released this year to see what belongs in the timeline canon versus what is up to the player's choice. Past this, I will in the near future try to document said new games as well as the new music release I put out this year as well. Progress!

Thanks for still checking out the Opossum Valley Wiki in the meantime, I appreciate it! I'm a busy lass so being able to share what I can and have people care about it means the world AND then some.

Wiki Progress

The following is an easy list to see what of my works have been documented on this wiki so far.