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Polar Heart

A region set within the coldest point of the entire planet, divded into four sections. First of these regions is the Epicardium, frigid beaches that have their frosted-over sand transition into snow-covered hills.

Moving further towards the region's center, you find the Myocardium or 'the transition point'. Seemingly endless snow-covered plains dotted with trees position themselves between the hills and the approaching icy mountains.

Third in the ranks, moving ever-so closer to the region's center is the Endocardium. These massive icy mountains almost block out the sun and moon from certain viewing angles. Said mountains are far to sleek to travel over, and far too dense to break on through.

Finally, the center of the region is known as the Ventricle. Little has been seen of it by human life, but it is said to be a beyond-frigid lake that travels deep within the Earth.

Locations only in Trans In Barking

There is nothing else upon this region in this universe other than nature itself. Currently no nation seeks to inhabit it, seeing no use in such actions.

Locations only in Modern Fantasy

Machina Nostra Innovations: Isolated scientific facility ran fully by androids and their AI leader. It sits upon, above, and beneathe the lake within the Polar Heart's Ventricle.