Project Information and Management

"If you've stumbled upon the ..Just Another Day! project, then let me give you a hearty welcome! This simulation is ran primarily by myself, Odell Scout, as a pet project of sorts to help combat boredom of the daily work schedule. Expect the individuals, locations, and scenarios with the project to follow their own generated lives and quirks.

My main goal with this project to create a life outside of our own that borders on the concepts of slice-of-lice and abstraction. Now, due to my work schedule I must be honest that the program's updates, patches, and public viewing dates will vary day-to-day. Rest assured, when there is more to see here than I shall share it happily with the rest of the facility!"

Odell Scout, Senior Talent Manager
Machina Nostra Innovations

If you have further questions about this project, please forward them through my personal secretary. She can be reached through the following communication networks below.