Under Stardust

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Under Stardust

The second EP released by Saint Nowhere. With this one, I really focused on combining a bunch of differing plugins I've downloaded from LABS and DecentSampler to see if they could work in harmony. I'm pleased with the results personally, so I think they absolutely can!


  1. Cliff-Kisser [01:36]
  2. Miner's Creed [02:37]
  3. Festival Warm-Ups [03:12]
  4. Sunlight Sensations [02:41]
  5. Peak's Reprise [01:30]
  6. Valley-Speaker [02:15]
  7. Moonlight Mischief [03:04]
  8. Kinder Rhythms [02:04]
  9. Prophette's Lament [01:27]


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Under Stardust: Sessions

Listed are tracks that I worked on while making this EP that didn't make the final cut.