Ridin' Confusion

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Ridin' Confusion

The first EP released by Saint Nowhere. A collection of improvised, beginner tracks made (at the time of writing) as my first time attempts in making music.

Mostly me fiddling around trying to learn how FL Studio's basic plugins and tools work. Was a very fun process with abstract results!


  1. Echoes [02:15]
  2. Nerves [02:28]
  3. Horizons [01:05]
  4. Trails [01:39]
  5. Cosmos [01:31]
  6. Sermons [02:39]
  7. Shifts [01:31]
  8. Airstrips [01:24]
  9. Marches [02:32]
  10. Voicemails [02:59]


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